Memories of Christmas Past

| 12/12/2008 10:57:53 AM

The Christmas season is upon us and it seems like everyone’s stress level goes up a notch or two this time of year. Christmas should be a time for peace and joy, not stress and headaches. 

I long for the simple days of my youth when I looked forward to going to Christmas Eve service, looking at the Christmas lights around town, opening presents and spending Christmas day with my family. 

I used to love Christmas shopping. It was fun, and sometimes a challenge, to search for just the right gift for each family member. Sometimes I didn’t have much money, but I always enjoyed giving as much as I enjoyed receiving.

I can remember my siblings and I would sometimes snoop around the house in hopes we would find our unwrapped presents. My parents must have hidden them well because I don’t ever remember finding anything.

Mom used to set up a folding table in the basement and listen to Christmas music on the big console stereo as she wrapped presents. She made such pretty packages I almost hated to open them.

Dad would put up the outdoor Christmas lights. He was very conscientious about making sure all the lights worked before he put them up.