Me and You and a Dog Named Sam

| 3/15/2013 9:08:57 AM

Tom hummed the well-known tune with made up words as he worked:

“Me and you and a dog named Sam, farmin’ and living off the land.

Me and you and a dog named Sam, how I love bein’ a free man.” 


A dog named Sam 

Our 30-year boat business sold. Both of us are currently unemployed. But we’re working like dogs. (Although I don’t know any dogs that work.) A few days from now, we’re putting our house up for sale. The money we make is all we have to build a small house and a big dream. So we’re painting and polishing—puttying and planting. The list is endless.

3/18/2013 1:40:38 PM

Pauline, it's really going to happen, isn't it. I'm so glad that you are sharing your journey with us as you accomplish each step of the plan to become farmer/homesteaders. I think you both are pretty brave to set out on a dream like yours and selling a working business. A total shift in lifestyle can be a scary thing to most people. It's a real encouragement to those that read these blogs to know that it's never to late to follow a life dream. Have a great day preparing for the move.