Making an Advent Calendar: Random Acts of Kindness

Instead of enjoying the traditional advent calendar this month where you uncover small goodies or trinkets, why not start a tradition of a Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar?

Every day you uncover a kindness “task” you do. Remember though, the other person needs to be receptive to being helped so you should always ask first prior to helping in a physical manner.

Here’s some ideas for random acts:

December 1: Make a card and send it to a friend for no reason.

December 2: Drop off books and magazines to a hospital, nursing home or doctors office.

December 3: Give a compliment to the manager of someone who helps you today.

December 4: Check in on someone you know is alone.

December 5: Send someone a small gift anonymously.

December 6: Hold the door open for someone today.

December 7: Make eye contact and smile at those you encounter today.

December 8: Run an errand for someone.

December 9: Send a thank you note to someone who has helped you in the past.

December 10: Forgive someone in a bad mood or who is negative today and say something genuinely nice to them.

December 11: Help someone at the grocery store retrieve something out of their reach or difficult for them.

December 12: Purchase a couple extra bags of dog food and bring to a local animal shelter.

December 13: Leave your change in the soda machine, vending machine, parking meter, etc. today for the next person.

December 14: Offer someone behind you at the grocery store to go ahead of you.

December 15: Say hello to everyone you come in contact with today.

December 16: Renew a relationship with someone you’ve lost touch with.

December 17: Listen to (don’t just hear them) everyone you speak with today.

December 18: Offer to help someone do a task they don’t want to do.

December 19: Ask a friend or family member about something important to them and genuinely show interest in what they have to say.

December 20: Return a shopping cart for a stranger in the parking lot.

December 21: Pick up litter you see lying around by the road or in a parking lot.

December 22: Offer to help someone who looks like they need assistance (i.e. a mother trying to open a door, an elderly person pumping gas, etc.).

December 23: Acknowledge someone who has helped you today, no matter how small the task.

December 24: Say an encouraging word today.

December 25: Tell all your family members how much you appreciate them.

This can be made in any way you can think of – canvas, paper, plywood, or simply making a list and attaching it to the refrigerator.

In the example shown, I’ve used a blank canvas (11″ x 14″), painted it off-white and made 25 small envelopes from a sheet of “jingle bells” sheet music. I had tags from an office supply store lying around, so I attached ribbon to the tags and adhered the acts of kindness.

Let the countdown begin!

  • Published on Dec 2, 2010
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