Making A Vintage Recipe Card Clipboard

I love vintage things.  We inherited two recipe boxes of recipes from my husbands mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.  All in their own handwriting.  I wanted a way to display some of the them, so I thought what better way then to re-purpose a clipboard?

Some of the recipe names really show their age, like the one called “A Cheap Cake.”  I can just imagine what life was like at the time.

I started with a plastic clipboard.  You could use any type you have.

I took a piece of 12×12″ patterned scrapbook paper and cut it to the size of the clipboard.  I rounded the corners with a corner rounder punch and put liquid glue on the clipboard.

Lay the scrapbook paper on the clipboard and gently rub your hand over it to work out any air bubbles before the glue sets.

Once you’ve worked toward the top you’ll need to cut around the metal clip with a craft knife.

Use craft paint to paint any areas not covered and/or the edges.

Use copies of vintage photos of the family members who have written the recipes.

I enlarged mine to 4×6 and cut them to fit across the board.

I used a dark brown piece of 12×12 cardstock to cut into strips to use above, below and between the photos to serve as a frame.

I cut scrap pieces of ribbon in brown tones to tie onto the clip portion of the board.

I copied some of the recipe cards, printed them into uniform 4×6″ sizes, punched a  hole in the corner, stapled a scrap piece of ribbon to the right edge and used a ring (from an office supply store) to hold them together.

I tied the ring to the clip with one of the ribbon pieces.

All set to put in my kitchen.

  • Published on Feb 8, 2011
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