Making A Vintage Recipe Card Clipboard

| 2/8/2011 3:55:15 PM

Recipe clipboard

I love vintage things.  We inherited two recipe boxes of recipes from my husbands mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.  All in their own handwriting.  I wanted a way to display some of the them, so I thought what better way then to re-purpose a clipboard?

Some of the recipe names really show their age, like the one called "A Cheap Cake."  I can just imagine what life was like at the time.

Starting with a plastic clipboard.

I started with a plastic clipboard.  You could use any type you have.

I took a piece of 12x12" patterned scrapbook paper and cut it to the size of the clipboard.  I rounded the corners with a corner rounder punch and put liquid glue on the clipboard.

2/13/2011 11:40:58 AM

Thanks to both of you. I too have enough cookbooks to try a new recipe a day and never run out. I'm working on whittling that "collection" down. Staci

Cindy Murphy
2/9/2011 8:34:13 AM

Beautiful, Staci - and it can be used to display a multitude of things, too, in addition to recipes. I think I have an idea of what to do now, with a few in the stack of clipboards I found while cleaning the basement (it's not wonder I could never find one when I needed it). Thanks for the idea.

Nebraska Dave
2/8/2011 8:33:21 PM

Staci, I'm afraid that I don't have any crafty in me unless it uses power tools. I do have a collection of cook books from all the churches that I have visited over the years. And you know how those church ladies can cook. I could possibly make a different meal every day for the rest of my life and never run out of recipes. My favorite cook book I recently aquired by winning a blog drawing a few weeks ago and has a story about the recipe for each one. It's a facinating read even if I never prepare any of the recipes. Have a great crafty day.