Mail Call: Letters to the Editor in our January/February 2018 Issue

Readers’ letters to the editors with stories of fig trees, Nor’easters, Delaware chickens, flower jellies, and more.

| January/February 2018

Delaware Chickens

My husband and I love your magazine, but I do need to correct some information that was in the November/December 2017 article, “Hybrid to Heritage.” We have been breeding and selecting our Delaware poultry and working to get them back to the American Poultry Association’s “Standard of Perfection.”

Delaware chickens should be ready to butcher by 12 to 14 weeks. This is much shorter of a time frame than the article said — 6 to 7 months. They are a wonderful meat bird, good layer of large-to-jumbo brown eggs, and very friendly. We butchered our cockerels at 14 weeks this spring, and had a 31⁄2- to 4-pound bird.

Erin Angulo, Dawnridge Farm
Grass Valley, California

Nor’easter Question

When I lived on the East Coast, a “Nor’easter” meant a storm coming ashore out of (guess what?) the Northeast.

In Ed Brotak’s article, “Winter Weather Woes” (Page 36 in the November/December 2017 issue) he states that a Nor’easter is a storm that comes right on up the East Coast.

Lately, I’ve noticed that all weather “talking heads” use that term for any storm approaching the upper East Coast from any direction across the Midwest, down from Canada or up from the southwest. Who is right?

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