Mail Call: Letters to the Editor in our March/April 2018 Issue

Readers’ letters to the editors with stories of beloved pets, cold-hardy chickens, and baking bread.

| March/April 2018

  • We now have Hoot and Hollar. We love to play tug of war with ropes, fetch balls, and explore the fields and woods.
    Photo courtesy Carol and Bob Tanner
  • Mike Cappola's current and all-time favorite breed, which is unique to North America (according to The Livestock Conservancy) and is often overlooked, is the Partridge Chantecler.
    Photo courtesy Mike Coppola
  • Thanks for letting me share this. I think he’ll be a farm boy for sure. He loves all kinds of animals. And my mom and I really love Capper’s Farmer! ­
    Photo courtesy Virginia Wilson

Terrific Terriers

I enjoy reading my Grit magazines and love the animal stories. We’ve always had dogs growing up, and it’s funny how I still remember their names and some of their habits. They have added so much to our lives.

In October 2015, my husband and I retired and moved to the country in rural Tennessee. We took along with us some cats and two elderly dogs, which have passed on now. We started raising chickens and growing crops. About a year ago, we went into town to buy some hens, and an elderly woman there asked if we would be interested in a free puppy. I was shown the little black and white rat terrier, which I picked up and carried home with me. My husband was against it at first, but now they are best friends.

Hollar is small, but very alert. He’s alerted us to visitors, delivery people, and two snakes so far. Hollar also likes to chase squirrels, chipmunks, and armadillos.

This year, we wanted to get a companion for Hollar, because he was acting too human and wearing us out. I checked on local rescue and shelter websites, looking for a similar or slightly larger female terrier mix dog, and low and behold, on Facebook, a friend of a friend was giving away, free to a good home, just such a dog.

We named her Hoot. We now have Hoot and Hollar. We love to play tug of war with ropes, fetch balls, and explore the fields and woods. They both have added so much to our lives. They provide company, affection, protection, and entertainment. I can’t imagine my life without them.

Carol and Bob Tanner
Maury County, Tennessee

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