Letters to the Editor in our November/December 2017 Issue

Letters to the editor in our November/December 2017 issue.

| November/December 2017

Chicken Condo

My life partner, Erinn, and I decided to raise chickens, and when our neighbors outgrew their swing set, we snatched it up quickly and converted it into a “Gucci Chicken Condo.” It comfortably holds over 20 hens. With some scrap wood, we were able to add laying boxes. Check it out!

Sal and Erinn Tartaglione
Barkhamsted, Connecticut

That’s a good-looking coop, Sal and Erinn. Looks like your birds have it made ... in the shade! – Editors

Pinched Saws

In reference to your article in the September/October issue on Page 36, “In a Pinch,” one of the tricks I use when felling and bucking timber is to carry a spare bar and chain. Should the bar get stuck, I can remove the power head, install the spare bar and chain, and release the stuck bar.

Daniel Williamson
via email

Journey Ahead

Congratulations on the birth of your boys (“Becoming Dad,” Page 6 in the September/October issue). I kind of envy you with the journey that lies ahead, raising your two little guys. There will be heartbreaks, disappointments, overwhelming joy, frustration, and a gambit of other emotions all culminating in a proud papa. My prayer for your family is for health, just enough challenges to build character but not break the spirit, and periods of joy that can only come from children. Being into my third time of raising kids, I can definitely say that in the end, it’s all worth the tears of sorrow and joy. One thing though: These two guys will not just be your kids until they leave home, but will be your kids for the rest of your lives.

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