Mail Call: Letters to the Editor — March/April 2017

Readers write to the editors with stories of heating with wood, making homemade bread, cast-iron cookware, farm apprenticeships, felling trees and more.

| March/April 2017

75, and Still Going Strong

I read your “Feeding the Fire” editorial. I have been cutting and splitting firewood since I became a teenager. I earned my spending money that way. I agree that there is nothing like wood heat. It warms the soul.

There were times in my working career when I did not have the opportunity to do so because of working internationally. But I have always come back to heating with wood.

I will turn 75 next month, and still look forward to the hum of a chainsaw and using a splitting maul. Yes, I don’t even use a hydraulic splitter. You learn to “read the wood” in all those years.

We have enough dead standing wood on our property to last a thousand years. Mother Nature makes it faster than we can burn it.

This small Harman (above) heats a 2,500-square-foot home with plenty of coals remaining when you wake up in the morning.

My wife and I would not have it any other way. Electricity can go out, and we are self-sufficient.

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