Looking for Tractors in all the Wrong Places

| 12/11/2012 8:23:00 AM

Tom searches for the elusive tractor 

Tom busied himself with tractor research like a hibernating bear. In the morning, I’d see him mosey over to the computer and sit.

“Tommy, do you want breakfast?”

No response. “Tom. I’m having cereal and milk. You want any?”

No response.

Moving to his side, I’d touch his arm and bend over. “Tom. You hungry?”

12/16/2012 1:51:51 PM

Pauline, tractors can be fascinating. My tractor seat time was starting at an early age on a 1949 John Deere B. Nothing fancy and if I'd had an umbrella, it would have been wonderful. Even today I look at tractors and want one with no practical use for one. Monster tractors that cost three times the value of my house roam over sections (one square mile) of farm land and till, plant, or harvest hundreds of acres a day. I'm still drawn to the old 1949 "B" John Deere. Kubota tractors are a sound work horse for sure. I'm sure you will have many years of service out of yours. Good choice. Have a great Tractor day.