Rural Wit and Wisdom: Little Things

It’s the little things in our daily lives that teach us how to appreciate the rural lifestyle.

| May 2012

Rural Wit and Wisdom

“Rural Wit and Wisdom” by Jerry Apps is a compilation of sayings and advice from farmers in the heartland. This collection of Old-Timer wisdom tells the story of heartland people who work their farms, give back to their communities and appreciate the little things in the same way they have for generations.

Courtesy Fulcrum Publishing

Life is busy and it’s easy to get swept up in the complications of our daily lives. Rural Wit and Wisdom (Fulcrum Publishing, 2012) by Jerry Apps is a collection of time-honored values, an important one of which is to slow down and appreciate the little things because the little things make everything else more enjoyable. This excerpt is taken from Chapter 8, “The Little Things.” 

As our daily lives become increasingly more complicated, relish the little things—the quiet pleasures that make each day a little more exciting and worthwhile. Some of the little things may take you back to an earlier day, when your life may have been a bit less difficult. Savor little things to provide some balance to the present-day, loud, cluttered, and increasingly electronic world.

Some little things

• Appreciating a warm floor to put your feet on when the temperature outside is below zero. Remember the days of your youth when you woke up in an unheated bedroom and the floor was as cold as the ice on a frozen lake.

• Discovering that a new recipe you tried turned out better than you expected.

• When shopping for something you need, you discover it is on sale.

• Enjoying a fountain pen for writing. There is something about the flow of ink on paper that adds to the experience of writing, beyond the message you are trying to convey.

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