Mail Call January/February 2016: Cast-Iron Cookware Collections, Persimmons, Cattle and More

Share our readers’ experiences collecting cast-iron cookware, growing stevia, raising dexter cattle, sharing persimmons forecasting, and more.

| January/February 2016

  • We envy David Cusick’s collection.
    Photo by David Cusick
  • Cast-iron potatoes.
    Photo by David Cusick
  • Chicken breasts pick up a special seasoning when prepared in cast iron.
    Photo by David Cusick
  • Dexter cattle are exceptional triple-purpose cattle: good for meat, milk and labor.
    Photo courtesy The Livestock Conservancy
  • Thomas, no doubt a farmer in the making, with his favorite hen.
    Photo by Cindy and Brandon Petty
  • Eric is just setting out to make a go of running ESET HOMESTEAD.
    Photo by Eric Stoner
  • Lard lends a hand to make these cinnamon rolls soft and flavorful.
    Photo by Linda Stewart
  • Stephen Fowler’s helper, Ben, giving him advice while Stephen works on his Farmall H.
    Photo courtesy Stephen Fowler

Cast-Iron Collector

We happened to be in a big-box store, and my wife saw the Grit magazine with cast-iron cooking on the cover, the July/August 2015 edition. Anything that pertains to cast iron, I generally read, which leads me to this little letter.

I’ve been collecting cast iron for a while now, and we cook on it just about exclusively. I do have an old Fisher woodstove, and we heat our home with it. I cook soups and stews all winter long over it with Revere ware, which I also collect. I can’t say for sure how many pieces of cast iron I have, but I’m sure it’s about 100?!

I usually find cast-iron pans and things in tag/yard sales, but I do pick up some in flea markets and antique stores. For me to purchase something in an antique store, it has to be something that I don’t have, and the price has to be right.

In today’s market, people are going on eBay and basing their store prices on that, and therefore some prices of cast iron are through the roof.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos. I love to do a meatloaf on the grill in the cast-iron pan. Same with potatoes.

Thanks, and I was so glad to see your article.

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