I Taught I Taw a Puddie Tat

| 12/15/2012 12:46:07 AM

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Here in Cow Country, strays are a fact of life (…and I’m not talkin’ cattle, either!).


...Say it loud: I'm feral and I'm PROUD!

The Peanut Gallery hates stray kitties with a passion, claiming the “little buggers decimate the songbird population and are a major cause of said demise.” While admittedly there are far fewer singing birds than back in 1988 when we acquired the Palatial Estates, it’s certainly NOT for lack of birdseed – or due to an overabundance of hungry feral kitties who have finally honed the skill of bringing down the ubiquitous songbird on the wing.

Nope, I’m talking the real neighborhood thief in the matter: Mr. Jay. Who benefits the most from said birdseed applications, effectively making it a fact that we are FEEDING THE ENEMY, here.

But I digress …. TPG insists the decline rests solely on the feral cat population and until a few days ago was militant about chasing any kitties off the property (…and annoyed that since I befriend them, they in effect circle around the devil to get to my “traitorous” loving heart ).

12/16/2012 8:31:46 PM

Diane, who would have thought that feral cats would be the answer for gophers. Those are some mean looking characters and if I was a gopher, I'd pack up and move to another part of the country. You better hope the gopher population is never eliminated or then you will have the feral cat population to deal with. :0) Have a great cat/rodent battle ground day.

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