When Life Hands You Lemons Make Chicken Pie

| 2/6/2014 3:40:00 PM

Cultivating a DreamAfter single-digit-weather, 17 degrees felt almost balmy. A perfect day to celebrate my farmer husband’s birthday.

We drove the short distance to the field that held the chickens and Great Pyrenees puppies. They are protected by a pliable electric fence that separates them to keep chickens with chickens and puppies with puppies.

Something wasn’t right.

Our LGD’s (Livestock Guardian Dogs), Molly and Lacey wagged their tails as we drove up. Trouble was, they were munching on black feathers. And chicken wasn’t on their menu.

Tom intervened. They’d just begun their feast when we’d appeared.

I heard Tom scolding the “girls,” and watched as their tails swiped back and forth like windshield wipers in a snowstorm. They were clueless about their misdeed. All they knew was a chicken flew over to their side of the fence. I’m sure at first they were playing, but then their carnivore instincts kicked in.

2/9/2014 7:30:10 AM

Pauline, you are too funny. I can just see you trudging out in the woods to retrieve a deceased chicken of circumstances. I'm kind of like you in some ways. I don't like to waste any food. It has kind been a down fall with me as the rest of the family will not eat left overs. Dad/Grandpa is the cleanup guy. Your chicken pie looks very delicious and should make several meals. Hopefully, you will get your livestock issues figured out. It's really difficult to work against animal instincts that are just naturally in them. I just wonder some times how the pioneers handled their livestock safety issues. ***** Have a great homestead livestock day.