The Terrible Twos

| 2/24/2015 4:31:00 PM

Cultivating a DreamOn TV where I live, there's an ad for a website called It's an online dating site that hooks up farmers with other farm-loving people.

Now I know why. 

You have to be crazy to be a farmer – or marry one. 

Crazy hours, slave-like labor, back-breaking work, below-poverty pay.

I'm not so sure I signed up for that.

When Tom and I dreamed of farming, we dreamed of skipping to fields of bushy-green plants over-flowing with fruit and veggies. 

3/2/2015 8:54:22 AM

Pauline, yes, farmers are a special breed. They definitely don't do what they do to get rich. In my case it's just in my ancestral heritage and genetics. My desire dig in the dirt is strong. Living in an urban area of the city, I don't have many who care about gardening much and if they do, it's only ornamental landscaping. ***** Have a great day on the farm.