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| 7/8/2016 9:39:00 AM

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Rosedale GardenI spend a lot of my time ‘looking fer’ (for) things.

Every time I lose something, especially my glasses, I think of the I Love Lucy show where Lucy and Ethel are discussing what one thing their husbands lose every morning. While Ethel tells Lucy that Fred loses his glasses all the time, only he has them on the top of his head. When she tells him where they are, he looks at them and says, well if it was a snake, it’d bit me. Fred walks in the kitchen with his glasses on top of his head asking if Ethel has seen his glasses. When she tells him they are on his head, he looks at them and says, well if it was a snake, it’d bit me. Lucy and Ethel break out laughing.

glasses 7813

Right now, I’m looking fer my shovel. It shouldn’t be hard to find as it has a bright red Dig Rig foot attachment on top. The last time I saw it was when I disposed of the four field rats the Hooligans left on each side of the house like a warning to other rats who dare to trespass. I had it out moving some fifteen year old azaleas from the back of the house to along the creek just before the last big rain we had. I checked my transport area on the tiller and where I buried the rats on the other side of the underground fence, and where it’s supposed to be hanging in the barn, so far no luck finding it.

shovel 7282

While on the subject of the Hooligans, I’ve been looking fer two of their underground fence controller collars somewhere in my three and half acres for several months. When the Hooligans are rough housing, they’ll unsnap the collar and it eventually falls off somewhere. The things aren’t cheap, so each time Patches or Blackie loses theirs, I take the one off Levi and put it on them. He has no desire to wander away from home except if it’s thundering and he tries to follow me.

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