Grandma's Crack Cookies

| 10/10/2016 11:17:00 AM

Liberty V JusticeI always loved to get away to the good ol’ country to my grandma’s house. It was a haven for me. Grandma was my anchor. After the army and before my drug addiction got out of control, my affection for confection did. At 20 years old, trying to readjust my life plan, it was to grandma’s place that I ran for refuge when I came home that fall.  

The night I checked in to Shay Grandma, she gave a nice homecoming:

“Here’s some oatmeal raisin cookies; you can have three. The rest are for the kids. I counted them, so I’ll know if you eat more.”

(“Pff. Counted them? Right! You can’t scare me,” I said to myself.)

Those delectable delights were love at first bite. When she went to bed, I kept eating until only 3 or 4 were left from the three dozen grandma made. It felt out of my control to stop. Even the thought of taking candy from children didn’t stop me! (Hey, don’t judge me until you are sitting in front of a plate of grandma’s cookies!)

When grandma woke up, she looked in the fridge and I thought, “Oh no, here it comes! She’s gonna turn me into dust! Please God don’t let her find out, and if she does, have mercy on my soul.”