Four Reasons Country Girls Outclass Princesses

| 1/16/2015 4:12:00 PM

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Jamie Cearley, PhDPrincess backpacks, princess toothbrushes, princess sheets, princess pajamas, and yes, even princess underwear. Apparently a lot of little girls these days are living and breathing the idea that they either already are or should aspire to become a princess. Ugh!

Have you seen the toys these wishful princesses play with? There are dolls, whose heads look like overgrown pumpkins sitting on a fence post of a neck, whose eyes are the size of a harvest moon on a dark fall night, and whose bodies are so frail and thin they look like they need to eat a whole hogs worth of bacon just to live another day!



Then there are the electronic toys, bleeping and talking to them saying things like, “Enter your princess name …. That’s a beautiful name for a princess.” Yuck! The movies, oh my, the movies. If I see another bug eyed, pencil legged princess, with hair to beat a Gypsy Vanner, being rescued and given meaning in life by some burly blond guy whose chest is ten times the circumference of his waist I might lose it.

Here are four reasons country girls outclass princesses:

1/20/2015 9:47:15 AM

Suzannah, I couldn't agree with you more. Here's hoping we can influence the world for better in our own little way. Thank you for your comment.

1/19/2015 5:21:12 PM

Dave, my husband would shout out a resounding AMEN to your comments. That's one of the big reasons I like him so much. I manage our little farm full time and am very often found appearing just as you describe. Although, I would like to think I clean up good too! :) He says I do. Glad to hear there are more men like him out there. Thanks for your comments.

1/19/2015 5:17:22 PM

Suzannah, I couldn't agree more with your comments. Thank you for sharing. Here's hoping we can influence our world for the better!

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