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| 12/30/2013 12:12:00 PM

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The Domestication of Cattle CaitAttending college, while rewarding and beneficial to your future, can come with certain hindrances to a young female farmer such as myself. At more agriculturally inclined institutions, purchasing chicks and goat feed with your financial aid might be justified, but, as it turns out, community colleges in urban areas tend to frown upon such activities. I happen to be unfortunate enough to be attending one such urban community college.

Your academic adviser is dismayed at your poor grades, because you evidently tested well in your placement exams. You explain that you are finding it difficult to attend your required English class because the only available class offered at the outreach campus begins at 8 o'clock. She does not accept "milking the goat" as a valid explanation of your tardiness. When you tell her that you have two jobs, your adviser will insist that you quit them and focus on school. She has no response when you ask, "How will I buy rabbit food?"


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Arguing with your academic adviser is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to collegiate difficulties for the young farmer. You will encounter peers of a new kind while furthering your education. When assigned to write a paper about personal difficulties you have encountered, one such peer may write about her difficulty finding a nice shade of red lipstick. This paper will get a B+, while your paper about why you are offended that you are under 21 (at the time) and unable to carry concealed will receive a D, because it was not an acceptable topic. Your guns lost to cosmetics.

There is hope! Plow through the mind-numbing community college, you brilliant mind, you! There is a land-grant university calling your name!

6/10/2014 10:08:02 AM

Good luck in your studies!

1/1/2014 5:45:36 PM

Interesting points of view, Cait. It astonishes me sometimes the lack of understanding that some city dwellers have of how and where their food comes from. Hang in there, I'm rooting for you!

Rachel Lindsay
1/1/2014 3:37:11 PM

Keep at it, Cait. Persevere. My husband and I have taken the day off to deal with a sick chicken. No one at any of our works is going to understand that.

12/31/2013 9:36:26 AM

Cait, I find it interesting that colleges don't see that the future of our country lies in continuing the food chain. I see the farms here in Nebraska continuing to grow bigger and bigger with aging farmers. The land price is huge so many of the next generation decide to sell the farm, take the money, and live the life of ease. Corporation farming will some day fail in my humble opinion. I hope and pray that more young people like yourself will over come the academic stigmas of modern education and become our saving grace in this country's food chain. Don't give up on your life goals and good luck finding that rich, unsuspecting man in a beard with a cowboy hat carrying around your future last name. Have a great You’ve-never-heard-of-it, Michigan day.

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