Courage To Do

| 7/8/2016 10:33:00 AM

Tags: perseverance, hard work, fables, Lindsay,

LindsayThis is a collection of stories and fables, some true, some fictional, and some a mixture of both, that will entertain everyone and anyone who has a little Grit! Retold by me, Lindsay Hodge of Haven Homestead. If you liked this story, head on over to Haven Homestead, or comment here and let me know.

Frank and Fred were good neighbors. They had been together since they were tadpoles swimming around in the duck pond at Haven Homestead. From dusk to dawn the two frogs would hop around the pond, climb the trees and splash and play. There was always plenty of food for the two of them, and all the rest of the frogs that lived in their bit of the forest. The ducks would chase them through the pen, and sometimes a child would come and catch one or both of them, but they always found their way back home. The two neighbors would often go for a quick hop-about, as good neighbors do.

Once, on one of these hop-abouts, a tragedy happened. The frogs had gone to a milk shed nearby. It wasn't far from their pond, and they had been there a few times before. There was an especially good spot in one corner where the frogs would hide and catch some of the tastiest flies. There was something different about the shed this time. Something that gave Fred the chills.

“I can't put my finger on it,” said Fred, “But I've got a bad feeling about this.”

“Oh, Fred! Don't be such a worry wort.”

The frogs took their usual route to their favorite snack corner. A hop onto a stool, followed by a jump to the shelf and a short, but precarious climb up the wall above the buckets of cream and milk. They were almost to the corner when Frank hollered, “WATCH OUT!”

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