Addie Acres New Year 2015

| 12/31/2014 11:10:00 AM

Nancy Addie2014 is on its way out as 2015 steps closer to becoming a new time at Addie Acres. I saw despair this past year, the kind that brings you to your knees and swallows you in tears. Death came to the farm and whisked away beloved pets, leaving a void that could never be filled. I lost my constant companion, my puppy dog Tribble, to a horrific accident. My knees ached from the tiny pebbles embedded in them from kneeling next to his fresh grave for days as I sobbed inconsolably. I thought my broken heart would never mend.

TribbleA few short weeks after I lost my dog, my full-of-spunk white horse Sparky went to sleep inside the barn, rolled over and trotted into heaven. My heart shattered again and I did not understand. I have enjoyed the fulfillment of seeing the secret desires of my heart come to pass on my small slice of heaven and to suffer losses one after another didn’t make sense.





2/28/2015 1:18:01 PM

I just found your blog today and was reading through it. You can tell all your animals are so happy! Their faces alone and expressions are greatly captured! I just wanted to share my condolences on the loss of your brother and pets. I am very sorry to hear that! I too had suffered loss of 5 pets in only 2 years and then lost my beloved grandmother the same time. So I can sympathize with you. I enjoy reading your thoughts and I love to read about people that have faith in our Lord! I will be coming back to visit your blog! God bless you in 2015!