Holiday Happenings

| 12/23/2011 1:02:16 AM

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Suzanne HeadshotThis past week marked the First Anniversary of us moving to the farm. This is the first year in our eight years of marriage that we have been in our own home on our own land for the holidays. That alone would be enough to celebrate! We added a new addition to the family this year as well. Cierra Leann was born in October, our second daughter and third child. This year has also had it’s share of troubles. From sheep having foot rot and our escape artist bull, to Andrew being laid off for eight months and me being hospitalized with a bacterial infection, we have certainly had our far share of difficulties. Yet here we are, ready to celebrate the birth of our dear Lord as a family of five for the first time. Christmas time heralds in a whole new list of opportunities to build memories as a family, and this year we took full advantage of them!

For the last few years we have decorated gingerbread houses with the kids. Now, I am really not a great gingerbread artist, luckily that doesn’t seem to matter to the kids! Once I get the structure put together and icing spread, they take over the decorating. Last year, we bought a house kit that unfortunately was stale. The gingerbread was hard as a rock and completely inedible, but it stayed together perfectly!

This year, I made sure to buy a fresh kit. I found one shaped like a barn with candy animals and knew that was the perfect one for us this year. We got out all of our supplies and decorating candy, opened the box, and began assembling the walls and roof. Well the first thing I noticed was how soft the gingerbread was. The second thing I noticed was how extra firm the icing seemed to be. I was thinking to myself that may not be a good combination.

   Gingerbread Barn 

We got the structure together and I began to ice the roof for decorating. However as I iced, the roof shingles began to buckle. So I propped them up with a cup underneath and continued. Unfortunately, the roof continued to buckle around the cup and then collapsed.

   Gingerbread Collapse 

suzanne cox
12/24/2011 2:15:20 AM

Thanks Dave! Sounds like you have a busy week ahead of you. And good luck with your kinect experinece... I hear that can be a pretty good workout! Perhaps someone should take some pictures to share with us next week? Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, enjoy the family!

nebraska dave
12/23/2011 9:11:03 PM

Suzanne, for me there's no place like home for the holidays. This year will be spent playing cards with my Mother-in-law and then the evening with friends and family. This first week of Christmas vacation with Bradley, my grandson, being home from school, I've spent cleaning the living room getting it ready for the gaming week which is next week. Bradley is getting a xbox 360 kinect for Christmas. It will surely be a test of patience for grandpop to endure a week of bobbing, weaving, and jumping in the living room. Thanks for sharing all your real life stories this past year. I'm looking forward to another year of interesting posts about all that comes your way. Merry Christmas to you.

suzanne cox
12/23/2011 8:55:41 PM

Thanks Mary! If you can ever get up this way Opryland is definitely worth at least a weekend trip on the holidays. The hotel is huge, and has so much to offer that it really would take a few days to see it all. The Rockette show is great so I have heard, we haven't been to that yet but my parents have. The ICE exhibit is nice, but has gotten a little pricey I think. They also have a dinner show, childrens activities, a Christmas village, of coarse all the lights, and much more! Merry Christmas to your crew too!

mary carton
12/23/2011 5:56:43 PM

Nashville is about a 2.5 hr drive from Tuscumbia, AL. I tried talking Mom into going to Nashville and take in the Rockettes and staying overnight. She was on her feet so much baking cookies for everyone that her knee swelled up. Between that & my plumbing problem, we decided to stay home. Merry Christmas from myself and my hooligans at Rosedale Garden.

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