Holiday Gifts for Every Budget

The Field Museum Stores are treasure chests for gift giving.

| October 24, 2008

For something different under the tree this year, shop for everyone on your list at The Field Museum Stores. There are gifts for her, for him, for the children, for those people who are hard to shop for, and, listed here, for every budget. For more, visit the Web site or call 312-665-7681.

Under $10

Sue, the world's largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex, lived about 67 million years ago during the Cretaceous period. On permanent display at The Field Museum, Sue stands 13 feet by 42 feet. Commemorate her history with our exclusive water globe featuring the famous T. rex in a flurry of red glitter. 3 inches tall. $6.95

Under $30

During the 1898 construction of an East African railroad over the Tsavo River, two large lions killed more than 140 workers before the crews finally fled the area. After many attempts, Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson eventually eliminated the lions. The remains of the Tsavo lions are mounted and on display at The Field Museum. This is the slightly cuddlier plush version. $28

Under $50

The scarab was one of the most powerful amulets of ancient Egypt, a symbol of a soul’s endurance. Carved scarabs set off this charming 22K gold plated over silver link bracelet. These scarabs are jasper, lapis, aventurine and amethyst. Measures 8 inches from end ring to toggle clasp. $46

Under $75

Alaskan totem poles depict stories and legends of native life in nature. This totem relates the story of a grandfather who instructs his grandson to become strong like the Eagle. The Eagle represents power, prestige and protection for his clan’s village. Hand carved by Alaskan Natives from cedar grown deep in the rain forest in Southeast Alaska. Measures 6 inches tall. $75

Under $100

“El Dia De Los Muertos," or the Day of the Dead, is the holiday that brings families and friends together to remember loved ones who have passed. The origins of the holiday trace back to the Aztec festival dedicated to their goddess of the dead, Mictecacihuatl. Celebrate your ancestors with our Day of the Dead nicho from Peru, featuring a delicately sculpted skeleton band of musicians at $98, or choose from an assortment of our other nichos.

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