From Sunburn to Frostbite: Spring, Where Are You?

| 4/28/2014 12:37:00 PM

Rosedale GardenI know I’m sounding like a stuck record, but our crazy weather continues. One of the weathermen at a Huntsville station predicted the last frost of the year last week and had to eat crow this week. This is the same weatherman who hails from Minnesota and landed up walking to work one icy morn after making a statement he knew how to drive in the snow.  He’s not familiar with the weather in the Tennessee Valley. I needed short sleeves and sunscreen a couple of Saturdays ago at Colbert Ferry on Natchez Trace for the War of 1812 defending the Trace reenactment. Wednesday we had record low temperatures not seen since 1893. By the weekend, temperatures were in the high 70s. I still have daffodils blooming and can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a butterfly on one. My irises are just starting to bloom. My peonies are very late this year, maybe in a couple of weeks they’ll be in bloom. Usually they are finished blooming by now.

cherokee dogwood 3628

Cinnamon girl iris 3754

purple pepper 3728

Millennium Falcon

Local farmers planted a lot of canola last fall. All of the fields around my area are planted in it instead of wheat as in years past. They are just starting to bloom out, and the yellow will be a lot prettier. The next post I should have some pictures of the yellow fields. Dogwoods, two wing silverbell, and Kwansan Cherry are in bloom. Redbuds are just finishing up.