Feasts From the Past

| 11/19/2014 2:04:00 PM

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The Historic FoodieWith the holidays fast approaching most of us have our minds on the feasts we will share with friends and loved ones so when I saw this account of a Sunday Dinner from the 17th of August 1617, “for the Lords’ Table,” I thought it was well worth sharing. Even holiday cooking will seem simple after thinking how many people it took to make this feast given the cooking techniques of the time.

“First course—Pullets, boiled capon, boiled mutton, boiled chickens, roast shoulder of mutton, boiled ducks, roast loin of veal, pullets, roast haunch of venison, burred capon, hot pasty of venison, roast turkey, burred veal, 1 roast swan and 1 for to-morrow, hot chicken pye, roasted goose, cold rabbits, boiled jiggits of mutton, snipe pye, boiled breast of veal, roast capons, pullets, roast beef, cold tongue pye, boiled sprod, cold roast herons, cold curlew pye, hot mince pye, custards, roast pigs.

Roast goose from our 2013 Christmas dinner 

"Second course—One hot pheasant, and one for the King, six quails for the King, partridge, poults, artichoke pye, chickens, roast curlews, buttered pease, rabbits duck, plovers, red deer pye, burred pig, roast hot herons, roast lamb, gammon of Bacon, roast pigeons, made dish, burred chicken, pear tart, pullets and grease, dryed tongues, turkey pye, pheasant pye, pheasant tart, dryed hogs cheeks, cold turkey chicks.

"Sunday Night’s Supper, the 17th of August, 1617.

"First course—Pullet, boiled capon, cold mutton, roast shoulder of mutton, boiled chicken, cold capon, roast veal, boiled rabbits, pullet, roast turkey, hot pasty of venison, roast shoulder of venison, cold herons, sliced beef, umble pye, boiled ducks, baked chickens, pullet, cold neat’s tongue pye, roast neat’s tongue, boiled sprod, cold baked curlews, cold baked turkeys, neat’s feet, boiled rabbits, fried rabbits.

11/22/2014 8:04:19 AM

THF, Wow, that is a lot of food but I suppose the crowd that ate at the Lord's table was large as well. I'm glad to say that our traditional Thanksgiving meal is well more about being thankful. Well, it's supposed to be. A simple turkey, stuffing, corn, mashed potatoes, and biscuits would more than suffice for me. I'm not much of a pie person unless it's apple. That would be my feast at this Lord's table. ***** Have a great Thanksgiving day.

11/20/2014 9:00:47 PM

I am glad I don't have to tackle that menu for Thanksgiving!

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