A Few Miles Over, But 200 Years In The Past

| 8/8/2014 8:54:00 AM

The Village Troubadour-Lyrics From a Small New England TownThere comes a time when you just need to get away for a while from the everyday challenges of work and living. So Rose and I occasionally tumble into the Kia and motor off to someplace different. A place that, after you leave, you feel you have experienced something beyond the ordinary.

This weekend was one of those times when, on a hazy Sunday afternoon, we followed the gabby GPS directions and found ourselves in Milton, New Hampshire, about an hour and fifteen minutes from our front yard and about 200 years ago as the old crow flies.

Porch On The Farm House 

The New Hampshire Farm Museum is an educational organization dedicated to preserving, promoting and carrying forward New Hampshire's rural and agricultural heritage. It's also a working farm with some animals and a garden that yields, when tended properly, several acres of hay and an abundant harvest, in season, of squash, peas, beans, tomatoes and such.

In talking with Director Kathleen Shea, I learned that the Museum consists of two adjoining farmsteads situated on 50 acres located on Plummer's Ridge in Milton. The historic Jones Farm and the Plummer Homestead date to the late 18th century and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The farms were passed down in the same families for generations. And so were the tools used to provide the produce and tend to the everyday living back then.