My Homestead Husband

On our homestead, it has always been my husband with the homesteader’s heart. When we were married nearly eight years ago, I never had any aspirations of living on a homestead, growing our own food or working to be self-sufficient. We lived in an apartment for the first few years of our marriage and that was just fine with me.

My husband loves to grow things and even when we lived in an apartment, he grew food on the patio. He is good at growing things. Over the years, I have come to appreciate having homegrown food. My favorite thing has been the tomatoes. Every year is an adventure to see what he comes up with next. He is always trying new things.

He was able to talk me into buying a home with a large lot. We don’t have much land, but we make the most of it. We grow food in both the front and backyard. He has dreams of building our own home and having much more land. His dreams are bigger than mine are in that regard.

I appreciate that my husband knows how to fix things and even if he doesn’t, he can often figure it out. He saved us a lot of money when he was able to fix our air conditioning unit on more than one occasion. An air conditioning tech tried to say that we needed a new unit, but luckily, my husband was smart enough to figure out that wasn’t so and fixed it himself.

The hubby wanted to raise chickens and I was really against that, but after we ended up with a stray chicken, we became chicken parents. Now they have become a big part of our lives and I am all about chickens. My husband even built them a custom coop. He has not been able to talk me into raising rabbits for food though.

My husband also decided he wanted a pond so now we have a little pond in the back yard with a few fish. We attract quite a variety of birds too because of all the good things we have growing in the garden. I really like that. I love all our backyard critters.  

I have warmed up to the idea of the homesteading life. I love learning new things and I like us to have different projects and adventures that I can blog about for GRIT and my WordPress blog. Without my husband, I would have much less material.

  • Published on Jan 28, 2016
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