23 Ways To Live The Amish Lifestyle Without Being Amish

| 11/3/2015 11:47:00 AM

Lee Ann and Alexandrea Perez23 ways to live

Do you love a simple lifestyle?

Do you strive to be closer to nature?

Most of us live hectic lifestyles. With today's society, we are always go, go, go. If you don't answer that text message or email back within 5 minutes, you're almost considered a recluse in today's day and age. The Amish lifestyle portrays the simplicity and freedom that most of us crave on some level, whether we know it or not. By living on a farm ourselves, we are often forced to take the time to be outside — nice and simple, but are we really enjoying nature? Are we enjoying this life God has given us? Or, are we just taking it for granted? I feel that most of us are doing the latter.

Every day, I think of ways we can achieve the Amish lifestyle, without necessarily being Amish. Whether you live on a farm or in the city, I feel there is something for everyone on this list!

Here are my Amish-inspired tips that will help you slow down in this crazy life.