Small Changes. Big Impact.

| 11/10/2016 11:12:00 AM

Candi JohnsI went on a personal challenge to raise all the food I ate for 101 days. It was quite an adventure, and you can read all about it if you want:

Homesteaders Food Challenge – What it is.
Headaches, Cravings, Cooking & Starvation – Survival – Week 1
Can I Grow All My Own Food – A Diet is Born – Week 2
Never Diet Again – Weight Loss, Sugar Detox & Finding your Ideal weight – Week 3
One Month – No preservatives, no additives, no artifical ingredients, no sugar, no GMOs, nothing but homegrown goodness – Week 4
• Growing all my Food – What Country Does Your Food Come From?
Can You Say, “NO?” Losing Weight, Feeling Healthier & Having more Energy
10 Days Left!!!
A New Way to Live
Homesteaders Food Challenge Wrap Up

I made it past the finish line and have crossed over to a new way of eating and thinking. I haven't felt this good in a decade. I lost over 10 pounds. I ate what I grew and raised and picked on my own farm. I learned to cook new foods. I learned to eat new foods. My skin and hair even improved. I have increased energy. I sleep better.

Most of all: my sugar cravings are gone.

You don't have to move to the country and grow all your own food to experience amazing changes in your life. I think we can all work toward making healthy choices each day. Even if you only make a couple of these changes now, I believe it will matter. You don't have to change your entire life in a day. You can implement bits at a time.