Need a Boost? Try These 8 Organic Brain Foods

| 4/30/2015 11:13:00 AM

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Brain foods
A bowl full of healthy, leafy greens. Image by Kaboompics.

Kayla MatthewsOrganic food has been all the rage for a long time now, but what’s the big deal besides the lack of harmful pesticides? While organic food isn’t necessarily healthier than more traditionally grown varieties, certain fruits and veggies, such as tomatoes, can have higher levels of antioxidants than others.

And animals that are allowed more time to graze on grass on free-range farms produce more of a fatty acid that’s good for human heart health. Organically raised animals are also not given antibiotics, which can help humans maintain strong immune systems.

Check out these eight organic foods that can give you another boost: better memory and brain power.

Fish and Walnuts

It’s a weird combo, but you don’t have to eat them at the same time to get the benefits. Fish and walnuts both contain omega-3 fatty acids, which seem to be important in brain neurons’ normal functioning. In addition to acting as a sort of preventive measure against brain issues, a small serving of nuts in the middle of the day can keep your energy up, too. 

5/11/2015 7:57:10 AM

Kayla, welcome to the GRIT blogging community. Healthy eating and knowing what the super foods are will be a good addition to the group. I hope to see more recommendations in the future. ***** Have a great healthy food day.

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