Fighting the Salt Addiction

| 9/30/2014 10:25:00 AM

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One Foot in the CityRecently a cartoon showed a woman entering a rather dark room with a light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Her husband is sitting at a table in front of a small pile of white substance, suggesting that he was about to consume it. The wife says, “Oh, I’m so glad it is only salt. I thought it was cocaine.”

Not such a funny cartoon really. In fact, not funny at all to a person who enjoys the flavor of salt and feels craving without it. Fortunately, I was not at that point when my doctor asked me two years ago to reduce the amount of sodium in my diet in the hope that we could avoid increased medication for high blood pressure. One wouldn’t think that would be as difficult as it really is for most of us.

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Some days I feel I am making little progress in my efforts to reduce sodium. Sodium seems to be in the most unlikely of products, and if the sodium is reduced, one can bet the sugar content is up. It takes forever to shop for food if one is reading labels properly, but I do believe my skills and understanding are improving.

Of course, one clue is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. I do that. I buy organic when possible and even find some vegetables in cans with no-salt added. The most difficult canned product to find with little sodium is soup, so now I do try to make my own.

10/1/2014 8:23:18 AM

Joan, limiting our favorite food consumption is a very difficult thing to accomplish in this day and age. As you have stated almost any thing that comes in a can has salt added. Frozen vegetables seems to be the only way that it can be avoided for me. I tried a minimal salt consumption diet but it didn't seem to make a bit of difference in my blood pressure. I still have to take blood pressure medication. It's not a great amount of medication and it hasn't changed in ten years. I haven't really had to watch my salt intake. About the only thing that I really eat with salt is store bought soup. I'm hoping to be able to make and can my own soup before too much longer. The exact amount of each ingredient is known when the soup is home made. I wish you well with your diet control and hope that reduced salt levels will work for you. ***** Have a great reduced salt day.

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