Granny Get Your Gun (Or Not)

| 2/6/2017 12:46:00 PM

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Country MoonProtecting oneself from violent attacks in the society we live in today has become a necessity, especially for single women who live alone. If the women, like myself, are a few years older than the young crowd but still by no means old, this presents another scenario.

Unlike the rifle-touting Granny of the old television show “The Beverly Hillbillies,” not all of us are real keen on carrying or even owning a gun. This decision boils down to one important question: If presented with a violent situation, could you actually pull the trigger and take a human life in a matter of life or death for you or a loved one? If the answer isn’t a resounding “yes,” then perhaps another form of self-defense may be more suitable to you. Even though they may not be quite as cut and dry, there are other effective forms of self-defense .

Pepper spray should be given the credit it is due. It is a non-lethal OC agent that is supposed to shut down an attacker’s vision. The pain is intense and the loss of vision makes the attack almost impossible to carry out, plus pepper spray rarely requires a permit to carry. It does require a defensive mindset, but not much training — just be sure to get a good one. UDAP makes one designed to stop a Grizzly bear and any other mammal smaller than 1000 pounds. The main thing to remember is to keep it accessible; having it at the bottom of your purse renders it useless.

Kimber makes two highly effective models of pepper blasters, both of which fire a stream over 13 feet at 90 mph. They are approximately the size of smartphones, have a trigger in the middle, and have a barrel of spray located both above and below the trigger. The Pepper Blaster 2 is shaped like a gun, but is bright red so as not to be confused with a handgun. It also has sights that help make aiming easier. There are premium pepper sprays that are capable of getting the spray behind glasses and even behind masks. They generally cost less than $50 and each contain two blasts of potent spray.

Stun guns and tasers are easily confused. With a stun gun, you have to be either in direct contact with or very close proximity to an attacker, whereas tasers let you have some distance but are generally a one-time-use weapon. Stun guns are easy to use in a wide range of categories and work by emitting a steady jolt of high electricity to the opponent that only ceases when the user releases the trigger. They are capable of instantly stopping the threat and creating immense pain.

Often overlooked as a weapon, a baton can also incapacitate an attacker. These are long rods that extend from 16 inches to 26 inches, and some even double as flashlights. Although the various sizes must be tailored to the individual, sometimes the shorter ones are easier to use as encounters are often in tight quarters. Batons have found their way into the duty belts of a vast majority of police officers. The United States Marine Corps trains troops to use these effectively for non-lethal crowd control.

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