Grandfather Shares the Adventurous Side of Life in New Book

| 5/14/2012 12:11:25 PM

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As a teacher and agricultural consultant, Ray Hankes has always had the gift for engaging audiences with a well-told story. Now he shares stories he has told to his own grandchildren in “Grandpa Ray’s Adventure Stories for Children” (ISBN 1456490370).

Over the course of 10 stories, children will go from laughing to being frightened silly and back to laughing again. The stories take children to the great outdoors, where they meet a wild cast of characters.

Young readers will be rapt as:

  • Two birds work to build their nest in a barn while on the lookout for a preying cat;
  • A squirrel shares his love for red gummy bears that threatens to change his life forever;
  • A one-eared mule in California shares his adventures with children.

While his stories are full of crazy, fun adventures and friendly animals, Hankes subtly weaves in important lessons in every tale.

“For untold generations, storytelling has been a way of passing on family values, creative ideas and information about the environment,” says Hankes. “When a grandparent takes on the role of storyteller, there is a valuable opportunity to share the gifts of laughter and joy—and sneak in some life lessons, too.”

Hankes hopes his stories entertain and prepare young readers for the adventures of life that await them as they grow older. He believes his work shows that even in the toughest of storms, we can all persevere with a hope, ingenuity and a big scoop of love.

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