From Mother to Daughter: To My Big Girl

| 5/14/2010 4:48:00 PM

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Elly and dandelions

I had hoped to launch this post exactly on your birthday, Elly, but I will settle for a quiet evening at home a few days late.

In the last year, you have come so far. When you turned two, you were just blossoming into a little girl, with a good vocabulary and very independent thoughts about how to go about your day. Below, you figure out how to blow out candles!

Elly at two blowing out candles

You made it through a summer and autumn here on the farm, learning how to help in the garden and successfully pick eggs without cracking them. You boldly fed chickens and walked in the midst of those birds that are nearly as tall as you are!

You watched as Daddy started milking cows and started calling all our bovines “Char-cow” (pronounced sharr-cow) after the first one we named Charlotte. You fed them hay in the mangers, deciding after time that an animal five times your size won’t hurt you if you are feeding them. (And they are safely behind bars!)

Nebraska Dave
5/15/2010 5:33:02 PM

Becky & Andy, children are so amazing to watch as they mature. It was always a mystery to me how kids can learn so much in the first years of life. It fascinates me to witness their little minds reason things out and come up with solutions that can sometimes be quite brilliant. You have caught the enjoyment of childhood through your kids. Its part of parenting that many miss just trying to survive. I am able to enjoy that development all over again in my grandson. He’s a walking five year old that is constantly in motion and curious about everything. He’s fearless and wants to experience everything for himself. It’s a joy to have him and his mother living with me until Mom (my daughter) can get established financially. Keep enjoying the interaction of your kids because they can grow up so fast. This was a great post dedicated to your daughter. Thank you for sharing it.