Fall In NW Alabama 2015

| 11/3/2015 1:20:00 PM

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November is here and farmers are picking cotton and combining soybeans and planting wheat. At my place I had a little over one half inch of rain in two months. We finally got some rain last weekend so now I can work on pulling weeds and Johnson grass out of my flower beds.

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We had a light frost on Oct 17 and a killing frost the next night. I pulled all of the green tomatoes from my pitiful garden that never really got off of the ground. Between a rainy spring and pneumonia hitting this summer, my garden only consisted of tomatoes which finally made it into the ground at the end of June. I started the seeds in February. I planted my usual Cherokee Purples and tried a new heirloom for me called Rainbow. Somehow it looks like I gave away most of the Cherokee Purple plants and landed up planting most of the Rainbows. I probably won’t grow it again as they were too juicy for a sandwich and don’t keep well. Most of my loader full of them is rotting in storage. Last fall my Cherokee Purples lasted into January. When we were little, Mom would pick the green ones and us children would wrap them in newspaper and place the boxes in a dark closet. It was our job to check them once or twice a week, unwrapping and wrapping back up the ones still green.

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