Edible Expert Announces Release of New and Improved Wild Edible Playing Cards

| 11/6/2013 2:37:00 PM

Edible Playing Cards

New Playing Cards Teach Benefits of Foraging and Edible Plants

Author and wild edible expert Sergei Boutenko announced the release of the first updated and modernized deck of wild edible playing cards scheduled to be release Spring 2014.

This unique deck of poker cards allows you to play your favorite games and at the same time learn about common edible plants of North America. In addition to vivid photos, thorough descriptions, and nutritional highlights, the cards also include common sense guidelines for safe and happy foraging. All the wild edible information within this deck is tried and true and has been tested extensively by Sergei Boutenko, author of "Wild Edibles: A Practical Guide to Foraging, with Easy Identification of 60 Edible Plants and 67 Recipes."

New And Improved Concept And Design In This Deck Of Cards

There are several similar products on the market, however they are outdated with low quality plant images, confusing descriptions, and poor game design. With the release of these new wild edible playing cards, Boutenko hopes to make the study of plants more fun thus encouraging more people to spend time in connecting with nature.

Detailed Info About The Deck: Deck comes with 56 cards (52 + 2 Jokers + 2 instruction cards). It will be printed on high quality card stock, which will withstand years of constant use.