Dreams Can Come True

| 4/9/2013 12:23:30 PM

Pauline HyltonWe left at about 3:30 AM and arrived at our property by mid-afternoon. The 1920’s farmhouse looked the same. Quaint—but badly in need of repairs.

Tom unpacked permanently. I loaded a few days worth of clothing in the mahogany dresser that used to belong to his mom.  

Our boat sold in February. Our house sold after only one week on the market.

Gulp. Swallow.

We’re committed.

So, we’re renting the farmhouse from Tom’s sister until we move into our modular home. Now that we’ve decided on a house, it’s time to get down to the business of farming.

4/21/2013 1:36:21 PM

It appears that the issues with the GRIT landing page and comment section has been resolved. I'm looking forward to hearing about what has been happening on your gardening/homestead this last month. May GRIT blogs live and prosper.

Sue Dunigan
4/11/2013 6:42:51 PM

Pray pray and pray some more!~! Make friends with the experts and learn from them..... get to know the locals. Hang out and get coffee.