Digital or Darkness?

Reader Contribution by Sherry And Russ Sutherby

Yep, it’s less than two months until our little pint-sized TV goes black.

Truth be told…I can’t wait.

We have been using floppy “rabbit ears” for over 8 years now.

We get the “major” channels and that’s it. ABC, CBS, NBC and, although fuzzy, FOX 33.

Those 4 channels are too much already.

Too much advertising, too much sex, too much blood, too much comedic sin.

Sure, I’ll miss some shows.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great shows out there, as Jean Teller, Senior Associate Editor of GRIT points out…NCIS, LOST, etc., but we’ll get by.  NETFLIX can take care of that need. 

Who knows, perhaps we will revert back to the days of the Waltons, where everyone sat around the radio and listened at night. It certainly didn’t limit John Boy’s creativity.

Or the days of Andy of Mayberry, where Andy took his guitar out to the porch after dinner and strummed for Aunt Bee and cousin Barney. Didn’t hurt Opie’s creativity.

Or up in the furthest reaches of the Alaskan wilderness, listening to “Trapline Chatter” on the battery-powered radio in their tiny cabin. It didn’t bother Heimo Korth. Or his wife Edna. It didn’t hurt daughter’s Rhonda or Krin’s creativity.

My sons won’t be surprised. They may think they were the only kids who didn’t have MTV growing up in the ’90s. I called the cable company and actually had to pay to have it pulled from my service many years ago.

My oldest son became a filmmaker, even with the void of MTV.  Imagine that.

I was from the generation where Elvis was photographed from the waist up.

Where the word “pregnant” couldn’t be said on the air waves by Lucy and Ricky.

Where Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore had separate beds.

No Victoria’s Secret commercials. (What is it they sell anyway?)

Like the Amish, we will structure our day around the sun. Go to bed when tired and get up early, actually before the rising sun.

TV won’t factor into the equation. We control our lives. TV doesn’t control our lives.

If that sounds odd, think about it for a moment. How many times have you watched TV instead of reading to your child, talking to your spouse about their day, taking that walk in the woods, or simply going to bed when tired?

On June 12th, we will be ready to pull the plug. Those 4 little channels won’t impact our lives any longer.

It feels good knowing we are going further into the Bush…

Will you?

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,


  • Published on Apr 23, 2009
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