Singing The Virtues Of Black Hills Gold

| 1/21/2016 10:26:00 AM

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I was the lucky recipient of a Black Hills Gold necklace this past Christmas from a very special person in my life. I heard through the grapevine that it was either the necklace or a leaf blower that he was debating between. A friend told him that he may want to forego the practical in favor of something more personal. Now, mind you, I do need a leaf blower. It would have been OK. The necklace is better.

This is just my way of thinking, but jewelry should mean something. I will not buy it for myself, instead it has to come from someone special and that gives meaning to any piece I wear. I would not have bought myself the Black Hills Gold. I will buy a leaf blower. The leaf blower will eventually wear out. The necklace I will cherish forever.

What adds to the charm is that this is not merely gold jewelry, but Black Hills Gold, something that has always captured my heart.

Black Hills Gold jewelry is manufactured in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Most all pieces are classic, nature-themed selections. The designs use grapes, grape leaves and grape stems and are easily recognizable for their distinctive colors. It comes in hues of green, pink and gold. The colors are created with gold alloys that tint the gold.

Pure 24 Karat gold bars and stocks of pure silver and copper are the basic materials. The different colors of gold used for leaves and other details are made when the pure 24 Karat yellow gold is alloyed (or mixed) with copper to produce the traditional 14 karat pink or red gold or the gold is combined with silver to create the 14 karat green gold. The green is generally used for leaves and vines and the pink is used for the grape clusters. After the alloys are made the resulting gold bars are readied for rolling.

1/26/2016 1:36:14 PM

Lois, thanks for the history of Black Hills Gold jewelry. I had no idea there was such a thing. Well, I never was much for jewelry and my wife always bought her own and never left that up to me. That was probably a good thing. I can definitely see why specially crafted jewelry would win out over a leaf blower. A leaf blower is on my list for this year. ***** Have a great Black Hills Gold jewelry day.

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