Making Mother's Milk Cold Process Soap

| 1/18/2016 11:01:00 AM

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Erin BaldwinIn a blink of an eye, my sweet baby girl grew into a bouncing, giggling toddler. Recently, when it came time to clean out the freezer, I struggled to figure out what to do with several storage bags full of breast milk since my little one doesn't require expressed milk anymore. Throwing it out was not an option. As someone who struggled with breastfeeding starting out, every drop was like liquid gold. That’s when I stumbled across the idea of making mother’s milk soap.

When making cold process soap you can use almost any type of milk. I selected my favorite recipe from Soaping Essentials and substituted in the breast milk to replace the water ounce for ounce. In about 90 minutes I had five pounds of rich, creamy soap gently scented with DoTerra’s Serenity calming blend of essential oils.

My experience making breast milk cold process soap was extremely positive and it was great to find a way to use the excess expressed milk — especially one that can continue to benefit my little one. One recommendation I would make for those wanting to make their own batch of mother’s milk soap is to keep this batch for your family only as it may be possible to pass along any impurities, etc., that might be in milk.

How to Make Breast Milk Soap

Step 1: I always recommend that you double-check your recipe and run it through a lye calculator to make sure everything is correct. You can find lye calculators online; I use the one from

Step 2: In order to keep the sugars in the milk from scorching, it needs to be very cold or even frozen before adding the lye. One trick is to measure out the amount of milk that you need ahead of time and then pop it into the freezer the night before you plan to make soap. 

11/14/2017 8:17:55 AM

Thank you for sharing your iideas. I am going to be making Breast milk soap for local mom's. Would you be comfortable sharing your recipe? Or did you use one for goat milk etc?

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