Another Hobby

| 10/26/2016 8:53:00 AM

JerryAwhile back I started a new hobby. I have several: rock-collecting, nature-watching, and wife-irritating, to name just a few. I always thought it would be cool to learn how to flintknap, but unfortunately quality flint is hard to come by at my house. Sandstone and pecan size gravel I've got plenty of, but not flint or even chert. Then, one day I read a story about making glass arrowheads. It was an A-ha! moment. I could give that a try!


I could get all the glass I wanted or needed from beer bottles I picked up off the side of the road (*wink, wink* — at least that’s where most of them came from). An endless supply of free glass.

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It's a great way to recycle discarded, unwanted glass. And, whether it's for money or for repurposing, recycling is a big part of our family's homesteading ethos. After a while, though, beer bottle glass got old, so I started rummaging around my barn and found some really old glass shards that I had picked up at an 1860's homestead (picking up old stuff is another hobby of mine). Much to my delight, I found the old glass much easier to "work" and far more fun and colorful.