Cowboy Poet Jerry Schleicher Has a New CD

| 7/17/2008 2:10:00 PM

Missouri Matador

GRIT magazine readers have reveled in Jerry Schleicher’s humorous outtakes on rural life for more than a year now. Whether the topic is muddy roads, gimme caps, country cafes, dogs, cats, or how to distinguish farmers from ranchers, Jerry has that special knack for making a point, while making you laugh. Jerry is not only a talented writer; he is an accomplished cowboy poet, too. While GRIT doesn’t publish poetry, I have been on the receiving end of several of his priceless poems by e-mail. They invariably make me chuckle.

Jerry recently sent us a copy of his first CD. It includes such titles as “The Missouri Matador,” “Gimme Caps,” and 14 other original poems, all recited by the author.

My old truck has been retrofit with an AM/FM radio and a single-slot CD player, so I popped Jerry’s disc into the slot on the way to work this morning. And since I was driving with the wind, the only noise in the cab that made it hard to hear the poetry was my own laughter.

Play ListIf you want to discover the REAL reason farmers don’t dress like ranchers or what can happen when a busload of field-tripping schoolchildren descend on a dairy farm, you need to give Jerry Schleicher’s The Missouri Matador CD a listen.