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Country Humor: Funny or Scary?

| 1/25/2012 7:27:34 PM

Suzanne HeadshotOur first year of the “real” farm life here has proven to be quit humorous at times. Andrew and I have been amazed by some of the questions people have asked. At times, those funny questions and comments have triggered funny memories from the past. Recently though we shared some of these bits of humor with our family when a realization hit us. While the situations were funny at the time, when you really think a moment it isn’t so funny. Why? Read on and see for yourself as we share a few different scenarios.

1. Hill Cows

  I sure hope my mother will forgive me, but this one is to good not to share! My Dad told me this story one time of when he and my mother were just married. Mom was only 18 at the time, a young girl from a small town and not at all familiar with farms or livestock. While out on a drive one day they spotted a scenic hillside dotted with grazing cattle. Dad pointed them out to Mom and said, “look there at them hill cows!” The hill was quit steep, and Dad went on to tell Mom how those cows had two legs shorter than the others so they wouldn’t fall down the hill. He said those poor cows have to keep grazing around the hill because they will fall down if they turn around. Mom actually believed him up until he burst out in laughter.

  Hill Cows 

 2. Brown Cows Make Chocolate Milk. 

While I am telling on my family we’ll add this one! Several years ago my young cousin got in trouble at school. Their class was discussing where food comes from. She was only 7 at the time when the topic of cows and milk came up. Danielle was so completely convinced that brown cows make chocolate milk, and white cows make white milk that she argued with her teacher. Not even her mother could make her believe that evening that all milk starts out white, regardless of the color of the cow!

   William Milking Daisy 

2/1/2012 5:24:14 AM

Jennifer most of the people we talk to do believe you have to have a rooster to get eggs. Even a few people that HAVE chickens think this, and I have heard them say before that is the only reason they tolerate a rooster around. It's sad. Dave your potato story is cute! Good luck with your corn growing adventure this year. Brenda, your grand daughter sounds so much like our oldest daughter! She is 6, her brother will be 5 next month. She always has an answer to his questions and says them with such authority that he believes every word she says. Whither it's true or not! LOL.

1/29/2012 3:35:56 AM

It's funny, but so sad! that said, I have to tell one on my grandkids, aged 9 (granddaughter) and 7 (grandson), sister and brother. We live out in the country, but their folks live in a smallish town. My daddy and mother had 4 laying They laid really small eggs (they've since gone to the great pressure cooker in the sky), but the kids loved to go and gather the eggs and really loved to eat them. My daughter told the following overheard conversation: GRANDSON: Why are PaPa's eggs little-er than the ones we buy at the store? GRANDDAUGHTER: All eggs are like PaPa's. The farmer's chicken's lay the eggs, the stores buy them and grow them and put them in the carton's and sell them." Granddaughter always has the answer, right or made up! Can't wait to tell this one in front of her when she gets older!

1/27/2012 1:21:39 AM

Suzanne, it is sad to think about how many people don't have farm knowledge. When my grandson came to live with me, we had the potato french fry discussion. He didn't know that french fries were potatoes until I made some at home for him to eat. He liked grandpa's french fries but lets back up a bit. His first experience with a potato was when I pulled it out of the refrigerator. He asked what it was and I told him a potato. Then he proceeded to try to take a bite out of it thinking it should be eaten like an apple. This last year I planted potatoes in the backyard garden and he thought it was amazing the potatoes grew under the ground. He loves corn on the cob so this year we (Bradley and I) are going to plant corn. Another learning experience will happen as the corn grows and matures. Hopefully, Bradley won't go up clueless because of him hanging around grandpa. Have a great clueless customer day.

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