Chickadee Commentary: Olympic News

| 7/31/2012 10:59:58 AM

Rosalind head shotWith the start of the Olympics, our farm animals thought it would be fun to have a little celebration. To commemorate this event, they decided to participate in their own sports. The wild birds did full coverage on this important occasion. Of course, if I translated everything that they said, it would take me a while, so here are just some snippets of their conversations:

“Why hello to all who are out there today! I am sure that you are all in anticipation for these lo-o-ong awaited games to start! Am I right or am I right? What do you think Jeremy?”

“Oh, most definitely. This is going to be the biggest event yet! Did you know that we have 8 teams competing this year?”

“How could I forget? With the Bantam, Standard, Juvenile, Rooster, Guinea, Duck, Goat, and Dog teams this will be insane!”

“Jeremy, I think we need to tell our listeners a bit about all of these teams, that way they can fully appreciate how momentous this occasion is.

Let's start off with the Roosters. This team has been practicing in a very interesting way. For months now, they have been strutting around so that their posture is improved for handball. It is going to be really a tough game if these guys make to the finals, these are they ones to beat.

Rosalind Miller
8/2/2012 3:28:24 PM

Thank you very much!

Rosalind Miller
8/2/2012 3:27:58 PM

I am glad that you find my stories amusing to read. Although I don't get to writing one every week, I write when I can, and I don't forsee myself stopping writing. Throughout the day I am always wondering what the animals are thinking when they are going about their lives, so these stories are basically my interpretation about what the animals could be doing/thinking.

Babu Nagappan
8/2/2012 2:49:38 PM