Chestnuts Roasting on a Virtual Fire

| 12/24/2008 12:07:26 PM



OK, OK. This does qualify as one of my goofiest gifts ever, but … I have to admit I’m enjoying it immensely.

When I visited with my cousin in San Francisco last week, she mentioned that she was sitting in front of a roaring fire, relaxing. I thought this was odd because I didn’t remember her small house in the hills there in the Bay Area having a fireplace.

We visited a few more minutes and she said, “Just a minute, let me turn the fireplace down.”

“The damper,” you mean.

Becky and Andy
12/30/2008 5:33:04 PM

KC, We miss our Colorado fireplace these days, too. We had a picture window facing the mountains (NORAD, to be exact!) and when it was cold and blustery, we'd throw in a few logs, drink some tea and cuddle down listening to NPR. Now we hover over a space heater in Elly's room! Ha. Becky