Celebrating the change of season - Celtic style

| 10/5/2011 8:12:43 AM

For the second time in as many weeks, we chugged up the Northern California foothills to the woodsy Nevada County Fairgrounds. This time - less equine gentility...more medieval debauchery! 


It was the 15th Annual KMVR Celtic Festival and the debauchery was actually pretty minimal (sorry to disappoint). But there was plenty music, full medieval costumes (heaving bosoms and all), period games, sheep dog demos and lots of interesting food. Here's a sample of the sensory stimulating day... 


Tempting to spend a small fortune on authentic garb


Unique hats, elf ears, kilts and capes aplenty


The spinners guild - turning wool and roving into yarn!

Music was one of the main attractions of the weekend, with three or four stages going simultaneously.


Whiskey and Stitches 


Pirate ship with startling cannon demonstrations


Claude the fire-breathing dragon 


Hand made spoons


Stone engraving


The ultimate contest of grunting manliness - the caber toss


Dan the sheep-herder and Taff doing a herding demo


Sheep-herders pie - I need to learn how to make these!


All in all a pretty good way to usher in the California fall - in a Celtic kind of way!