Baby Quilt: An Unexpected Heirloom

| 12/1/2009 2:28:56 PM

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A photo of Vickie MorganWe’ve been keeping busy here going to sales, oh the garage sales are over, but the estate sales continue all the way through out the winter. The man who does them here has a website, and we just keep watch and look at his pictures and decide whether or not to go. Of course, most of the time we go. When we looked at the website this past Friday I got a little excited when I saw that this lady had loved to sew. There were lots of pictures of fabric, sewing machine, and sewing nooks.

I’m not sure if everyone knows just what an estate sale means – it means the person who once lived there as passed away and the family is selling their household goods. Most of the time I try not to think about this part of it – it can make you really sad. But of course, you have to remember they cannot take their precious things with them.

So, Bat headed out to the garage to look at the tools, and I headed to the basement where the women had started to gather, looking at tables with tons of fabric laid out. A lot of the fabric was baby material that I can make things for our new grand baby with. Then I found it, a baby quilt put together with pins ready for someone to sew together. Now I’ve never actually quilted before, I have tied a quilt together though. So I thought this would be an easy project to do. So, I grabbed the biggest armload of material and me and Bat loaded up our purchases and headed home. Home with someone else’s treasures.

When we got home I got a closer look at the quilt – she had painstakingly hand basted where she was going to quilt this piece of material. It was like she was showing me just where to sew. Just how I can do this. So, I’ve started making the triangles, straight lines, and squares she has shown me throughout the quilt. I should have it done just in time for Christmas.

Baby quilt and sewing machine

12/20/2009 10:07:19 AM

Caroline, I love your message--gives me hope that I can also teach myself more about quilting. Of course this woman's guidance has helped a great deal she has gave me a start on loving quilting. Such a great thing to do pray for the person that you making the quilt for. Your quilting with prayer. I'll remember that. vickie

12/18/2009 10:08:27 AM

Vickie, I taught myself to quilt about 10 years ago. And learned not only how to use the machine to top stitch, but also how to top stitch by hand, which is my favorite way to quilt. Now all my quilts are put together by hand. I'm also hand stitching some of my quilts, making them portable. My guinea pigs are my nieces and grandchildren. They don't see the flaws. Now my quilts are a little more professional as my skills are being perfected, but the kids still don't care. They just know that Nonna made them a quilt and, for them, it's special. Makes my day. Something personal that I do: Whenever I am working on a quilt for someone I know, I spend the time thinking about and praying for them. It helps to pass the time and gives me a little one-on-one time with God.

12/4/2009 2:11:21 PM

Cindy, Oh How I wish I could quilt like some people do -so beautiful. I probably need to take a quilting class though because without the instructions this nice woman left on her quilt I could not have done it. vickie

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