An Autobiography: Chapter 9, Miss Georgie

| 6/19/2012 10:14:25 AM

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There were many acres of parking at Verona Lake Ranch, and our faithful parking attendant was “Peanuts” Washum, a small man who lived across the road from the park. He helped Tracy and Marc, our two children, clean up the park on Mondays as well. We had bumper stickers printed, and Peanuts always asked if he could put them on the car’s rear bumper. Most folks were glad to promote the park. Periodically we checked license plates to see where the folks came from − it was about 50 percent Ohio, 40 percent Kentucky, and 10 percent Indiana. And every week there were cars from other states as well, people who had heard about the park or saw posters.

We had a 19th-century buggy on top of the ticket booth, and for a time we had Kentucky’s last hangman’s scaffold on display. I don’t know who sold me on that, and I was sorry after it was there. I don’t remember where it came from or where it went when we got rid of it.

In the four years we operated Verona Lake Ranch (1956-1959), we had many special events in addition to the regulars shows. The stars we had on stage read like a “Who’s Who in Country Music.” To name a few not already mentioned: Stanley Brothers; Ferlin Husky; “Jumpin’” Bill Carlisle; George Jones; Kitty Wells and Johnnie and Jack; Carl Smith; Billy Grammer; Don Gibson; Wally Fowler’s Gospel Show; Wilburn Brothers; Grandpa Jones; Lonzo and Oscar; and Skeeter Davis.

Verona Lake Stage 


Thurston looks on as Ferlin Husky signs autographs for employees. 

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