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“C & W Wax Museum Set for Nashville”

That was a headline in the July 16, 1969, issue of Cash Box, a leading trade paper for the Country Music industry. The two column article had a photo of me: “Aurora Publishing, Inc., newly formed Nashville corporation, announced it will establish the nation’s first Country Music Wax Museum here.

“Displaying full life-size figures honoring the stars of the past and present in the country music world, the Museum will represent an investment of ‘several hundred thousand dollars.’… The idea for the Country Music Wax Museum was presented to Aurora by Thurston Moore, who originated The Country Music Who’s Who, which he sold recently to Record World. He is retained as Editor-in-Chief of the annual. … Roupen S. Gulbenk, President of Aurora, said, ‘Mr. Moore will be a consultant and advisor to Aurora in the Wax Museum project.’”

Wax Museum Brochure 045 

I had always had great interest in wax museums and visited several of them in the United States, including the celebrated Wax Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, and the magnificent Movieland Wax Museum and Palace of Living Art Museum in Buena Park, California.

I was acquainted with Kenneth R. Bunn, a sculptor in Colorado, and we gave him the contract for producing the figures. He made several trips to Nashville, and my extensive file of photos of the country stars were invaluable to the project.