An Autobiography: Chapter 36, Ten Little Indians

| 10/19/2012 3:45:54 PM

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Writing about our first theatre production on Roosevelt Island reminds me of our productions amongst the grandeur of the Rockies during our short stay in Montrose when the Elvis currency orders took most of my time. But you couldn’t keep Georgianna away from theatre, and folks at The Magic Circle Players theatre group soon learned she was in town!          

The Magic Circle Players had been struggling, and Georgianna gave them the shot in the arm they needed, especially with her beautiful production of Melodies of Broadway, which was presented in May 1978. This musical revue was a concept by Georgianna, where she featured highlights from 19 favorite Broadway musicals. Our daughter Tracy was the choreographer.

Circle Players 036 

Georgianna was fortunate to have Sharon Clark, a wonderful pianist who was fantastic at auditions; she put everyone at ease. She sat at the piano, her legs crossed, and changed keys at a moment’s notice. We never had another pianist like her util we moved to Nashville and found fabulous Debbie Wilson, who became Tennessee Players’ pianist and Music Director.        

For Melodies of Broadway, Georgianna received the “Monty Award” for Best Director. Here is Georgianna’s audition notice:

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